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Heavy Duty Engine Air Intake Filtration

These two short videos show our filters at work!   Where you need performance, durability and protection from dust and debris, our products really perform.

Here we see our extreme environment commercial/industrial air filtration systems in action on Komatsu Wheel Loader and on Terex Crusher, protecting valuable investments from abrasive effects of dust and debris, extending filtration service life and protection costly engines from wear and tear.  

Downtime is minimized and the machines can spend their time doing what they're designed for: grading, grinding, loading, dumping and making money for their owners and operators! 


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Flash Video Clip of EPAC System Overview
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Maradyne Filtration Systems

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The EPAC System™
is a self-cleaning engine air intake system for equipment operating in the extreme harsh environments often found in the mining, agricultural, construction and heavy industries.
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Heavy Duty Air Filters for Military and Commercial/Industrial Applications


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