Extreme Duty Vehicle Air Intake Filters by Maradyne Filtration Systems - Cleveland, Ohio USA  

Engine Air Intake Filtration Solutions for
Heavy Military Tactical Vehicles

These are a few of the heavy Military Combat and Tactical Vehicles that Maradyne Filtration Sytems provides vehicle air filters for:

Heavy Tactical Wheeled Vehicles:

  • HEMTT -
  • HET -
  • PLS -

Heavy Tactical Tracked Vehicles

  • Hercules -
  • Bradley -
  • M113 -


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The EPAC System™
is a self-cleaning engine air intake system for equipment operating in the extreme harsh environments often found in the mining, agricultural, construction and heavy industries.
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For More Information about Maradyne Filtration Systems and our heavy duty
engine air intake filtration solutions, please call us 800-537-7444 ext 5,
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Heavy Duty Air Filters for Military and Commercial/Industrial Applications

Military Filter ~ Commercial / Industrial Filter: by Maradyne Filtration Systems